Please contact us by email, for more information or to ask any questions.  Below is an overview of our main services.  

Pre-Mediation Meeting

Please email for price

Pre-Mediation Meetings need to be completed prior to any mediation taking place.  This is to determine whether or not Mediation is the best option for your circumstances, or whether other processes would be more suitable.  This meeting will be 45minutes to 1 hour. 


Please email for price

Once both parties have completed their MIAMs and agreed to use Mediation, each meeting will be charged £95 per person, per hour.  The amount of meetings you need depends on how effectively you can communicate with one another and reach an agreeable outcome. A session is typically 1 hour unless agreed otherwise.

Other Services

Mediation can cover parenting plans, IFA, Child Mediation, etc.

We work with un married couples separating and grandparents seeking contact arrangements also. Please contact us with any queries and we will advise whether or not we can be of assistance. 

Hourly fees

£95 / hour

Our Hourly fee is £95 and this is charged per participant.  

£85/ hour

Initial MIAM